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Kogama War 4

About Kogama War 4 Game
InstructionKogama War 4 is the latest instalment of the awesome Kogama War Series. You can choose to fight on one of four different teams, each of which have their own color and flag. Once you have chosen your team, you can enter the battle! There are no missions or objectives here - just one huge war in which you must try and eliminate your opponents and gain the top score for your team.You are equipped with a variety of weapons and you can collect other weapons around the huge maps too - choose shotguns and pistols or machine guns and even akimbo weapons! Fight for your life and try to work with your fellow teammates to conquer the Kogama arena!
ControlsWASD or arrow keys to moveLeft click to shootE to pick a weaponQ to holster weaponSpace bar to jumpK to suicideO to toggle fullscreen
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CategoryAction & Adventure
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