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Mighty Viking

About Mighty Viking Game
InstructionIf you are looking for a new challenge online something with vikings? Then here on VitalityGames we have prepared this new game called Mighty Viking. As you may know the vikings use to be the best warriors and the most feared. Feel the thrill and the thirst for battle with this awesome viking game where you will take the role of a brave and lonely Viking. With your Mighty Viking Ax you must use your skills to fight hordes of monsters and wild creatures.Cleave through never-abating floods of attackers while vanquishing your foes and face down fire-breathing dragons. The key in this game is to attack at exactly the right time if you miss any strike it will be difficult to get another quick blow. Use unique special attacks or get support from a friend in the skies and consume the tasty mushrooms to help you with your health. And make sure you never get overwhelm you will lose. Use of all your skill and reflexes to defend yourself, fend off your foes while avoiding defeat. If you enjoy this fun skill fighting game and want to play more similar viking games try this games: Vikings Aggression, Viking: Way to Valhalla and Cows vs Vikings : Tower Defence. Good luck!
ControlsAWDS - Mouse = Click To Attack
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CategoryArcade & Classic
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